Coconut into the culinary culture of the Ben Tre

Coconut tree has become a comprehensive economic value chain, creating hundreds of product lines, occupies a key position in the development of Ben Tre. Green dreams of a peaceful life close to nature, blue fruit and coconut.

The people of the coconut resides in a particular ecosystem, surrounded by many rivers with natural aquatic resources, with abundant natural produce only capital in the coconut forest. Ben Tre has been known characteristic resources exploitation to creative cuisine, eating their own unique style.

In people’s everyday meals Ben Tre and holidays, New Year, the “specialties” for entertaining friends, family or customers four are indispensable raw coconut. Ben Tre eating people’s general coloring of Wildlife diet: eat more fish and other natural marine products, take advantage of a variety of vegetables available in the natural environment. Under the coconut forest ditches and canals are also many species of goby fish special coconut, crab, prawn, shrimp, oysters and other seafood. In coconut forest ecosystems include bee flies took bile from coconut flowers, snakes, turtles, crabs, lizards, snakes each … also contributed to the food source of Ben Tre enriched. Under coconut cultivation to the new year, the species naturally grows mixed vegetables. The diverse flora and fauna in coconut forest is also a component of some delicious food, drinks of the Ben Tre from past to present, and those who know the: coconut Mouse, a professional animal damage but coconut is a popular dish here.

Maybe one of us know and imagine the first mention of coconut products: coconut water. Perhaps due to the climate and soil suitable Ben Tre coconut varieties such as coconut oil, coconut clusters, small fruit, fresh water is, 1 chamber about 30 – 40 left. Only Ben Tre, new people to enjoy one special type of coconut water: coconut pineapple – particularly in the coconut is taking the fragrant smell of pineapple. Blue Siamese coconut, coconut impor … each has its own delicious style, the Ben Tre have the “drinking coconut Siamese from injection tonic” to praise coconuts. The stylish just like brought coconut drink, who like to eat, how to eat flesh.

For women during pregnancy, they often take the time to drink coconut water every day in the belief that will help kids born with white skin clear and smooth. Vietnamese people who would have to admit the drinks industry are expensive but can not compare with the coconut homeland, delicious and healthy.

In addition to soft drinks, coconut water is used to store meat, cook a lot of dishes as potential, ram, curry, ro-ti, shrimp broth, chicken, duck etc. Coconut water vinegar is also used as food, used to embed roll when making spring rolls to spring yellow cumbersome and brittle shell.

Coconut water processing low sweetness, it is used more like coconut jelly, or cooked condensed back to water to stock fish. Meat or fish marinated coconut water colors beautiful yellow nursery also make dense fragrant dish of coconut water. Delicious coconut water color so the people Ben Tre are preferred.

The copra is used for purposes such as: young coconut, coconut plastic, hard coconut tree, coconut tan and coconut. Coconut trees and hard tan be used to make jam, common stock with the meat, or you can fake fried dough fried shrimp, used as a vegetarian dish, that preference option hardness of coconut. When Coconut choose just snap on coconut fruit or shook his hand to choose the right “age” coconut matching processing requirements. In addition we also scraped into yarn sprinkled areas, corn stew, tapioca dish scanning, press cake little, spousal bread, mixed salad.

Coconut milk is very versatile in cooking. The fatty richness of the coconut milk is a special flavor, one of the basic ingredients. Tan coconut, finely grated coconut is squeezed juice, can grated coconut in you hand or machine, then knead with warm water and squeezed, the extraction of the white juice like milk should also be referred to as coconut milk. The candies, cakes, tea, ice cream, as well as many savory use of the day often sluggish anniversary, holidays are indispensable coconut milk.

Món đặc sản Tôm hấp trái Dừa

Steamed coconut shrimp specialties

When dry coconuts grow sprouts, inside forming a “lung” used to suck water feeding germ called coconut dream. Joinery coconut sponge, sweet, used to play or fried shrimp are delicious. There are also sugar and aromatic coconut butter dishes, old dish used for the king. The track is a kind of coconut beetle larvae beetles live in coconut trees, people add coconut tree to get the larvae processed into a special dish.

Coconut wine is the wine is made in a simple and unique. It climbed up the coconut tree, select chamber coconut, perforated stem insert member yeast, about 10 days after fermentation of coconut water turned into a delicious wine drinking.

The food is made from the produce of in coconut forest ecosystems – rivers are divided into three categories:

1. Type animals including: Coconut mice, the flu turned knob coconut water; lizard green bean porridge or fried chilli; solid roll minced contact; solid cotton gun tunnel lemongrass, coconut milk; bumblebees young green bean soup; Deep fried bumblebees old; Translate rotate pan; boiled lotus salt lemon pepper; fried frog leaves the way.

2. Types of seafood including: goby coconut juice, fish heart tong fried, grilled snakehead Head, prawn cooked with coconut milk …

3. Plants, including: Grilled New Year, New Year fried way, old fashioned coconut stew pork …

Coming to the third of Ben Tre Coconut Festival this year, hundreds of thousands of visitors can enjoy almost all kinds of special material made from coconut milk and taste the culinary flavors from Ben Tre coconut, pride proud of Dong Khoi homeland.

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