Ben Tre visit Con Phung

Like a green oasis floating Money, Eco-tourism Con Phung is located on an island in the Tan Thach Commune, Chau Thanh district, Ben Tre province is one of the attractive destinations for eco-tourism with domestic and international tourists each occasion to visit their homeland Dong Khoi.

Con Phung also name is Tan Vinh alcohol. Con Phung at first just an island floating between Tien in 1930 with an area of about 28 ha, but due to the abundant alluvial each year that has more than 50 hectares.

This is one of four located on the American River rabbit is placed under the concept from the flexibility brought peace and happiness are: dragon, unicorn, and serve. Dragon is “long”, Thoi Son is “nearby” monster (located behind the Ba Lai River) is the “master”, and Con Phung (also known as islet Dao Dua) is “to serve”. Name Con Phung Nguyen Thanh Nam – this Buddhist temple built South Korea in the early twentieth century. When this project is built, the workers picked up a cup stock with the Phoenix bird, so named Con Phung. Also, the reason it is also known as islet Dao Dua is by Nguyen Thanh Nam coming to This built Buddhist temple South Korea, has formed a sect called Dao Dua. Dao Dua policy to bring peace, to live by the fruit.

Về Bến Tre thăm Cồn PhụngEco-tourism also serve as an attractive tourist destination for domestic and international tourists

when Dong Khoi had the opportunity to visit their homeland. (Photo: Nguyen London)

Foreign tourist boats take visitors to visit Con Phung. (Photo: Le Minh)

A wrinkled old house Con Phung. (Photo: Le Minh)

Về Bến Tre thăm Cồn PhụngKhoảng sân của khu di tích courtyard of the ruins Dao Dua with 9 columns touching dragon. (Photo: Le Minh)

Monkey bridge typical of the southwest. (Photo: Nguyen London)

Foreign visitors discover tranquility of the gardens on Con Phung. (Photo: Le Minh)

Recreational with crocodiles angling. (Photo: Le Minh)

KForeign visitors to the Flower handicrafts items made from coconut trees. (Photo: Le Minh)

An eco-tourism angle Con Phung. (Photo: Le Minh)

One point that visitors can not miss a visit to the ruins Dao Dua area of 1.500m ². This relic preserved architecture built from the teachers Dao Dua – Nguyen Thanh Nam (1909-1990) with the nine dragons; tower Peace (former Middle Ages), where he Coconuts sitting faculty of law and propagate religion. Mysterious tower architecture in the array up to touch the dragon, the phoenix was associated with the fragments of dishes, warm dishes and a towering big top. In his exhibitors Dao Dua also recorded his photos during his life, until his death …

From a distance, Con Phung oasis of raised between Tien and gentle, this brings a sense of fun for visitors of the canoe sitting on the boat enjoying the river scenes of the West. Con Phung also attracted tourists by the daily life of the local people associated with the handicrafts made from coconut. Guests can visit the coconut candy production facilities, production of souvenirs from the tree, coconut shell …

Also serve as a miniature village west of the Mekong Delta. Visitors can explore and experience the unique culture, folk practices in the life of the people of Ben Tre coconut. Fertile alluvial soil here, luxuriant fruits. Many families still living mainly by farming bees take honey from the flower label and some other flowers. Horse riding, visiting orchards, stopping to rest under a coconut leaf roof house to drink tea with honey and blueberries, enjoy tropical fruit dishes. In addition, tourists can enjoy a specialty popular culture of the West, which is the traditional music amateurs.

To Con Phung, after a lunch with rustic bold culinary taste the South River, visitors can sit down on the hammock soft light to the shade of the gardens label.

Currently, eco tourism Con Phung is being invested to upgrade the system for restaurants, hotels, amusement parks, wildlife parks, traditional villages, restored architectural Dao Dua … to improve the quality of services and attractions. Thus, each year, Con Phung attracting tens of thousands of domestic and international tourists to visit.

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