Riverside hotel in Ben Tre

Any people traveling or traveling outside the province are also interested I will stay at a hotel or hostel? So, choosing a safe place to stay overnight, ideal, convenient, as well as the problems that tourists coming Ben Tre to know, to best fit the needs of a reasonable accommodation. In recent years the hotel system of Ben Tre development rather rich and partially resolved fairly large number of visitors Ben Tre in festivals, travel, conferences or other needs … . Might say, the development of new hotels in Ben Tre are encouraging signs for the tourism development of Ben Tre current and future. The hotel was recently built on the land of Ben Tre Ben Tre are located along the banks of the river, from Ben Tre 1 towards the old Ham Luong ferry of the Hung Vuong route, connecting from wards 3,5,7 Ben Tre city. This is one of the most beautiful routes, there are many straight trees, radiate more shade, but those who have been here also are commendable, no less admiring the beautiful streets in Ho Chi Minh City. System must recognize that the hotel is located on the banks of the Ben Tre River gentle, romantic and on Hung Vuong this way is ideal. Surf through the system fairly typical hotel is located on the banks of the Ben Tre River on Hung Vuong street, so guests can choose to stay at Ben Tre coconut such as: Australia Hotel: 144 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 3, the city of Ben Tre; Phone (075) 3511888.

Located in the ideal position extremely beautiful and right next to the Center for Ward 3, near commercial centers Ward 2 and night market shopping area, next to the Museum of Ben Tre province, so very convenient to visit and procurement. Equivalent new hotel built 3 star hotel, with 74 rooms European-style amenities including room types: superior (superior), luxury (deluxe) room meet demand (suite) and a low (Junior) but still ensure the accommodation needs of the guests. Australian Hotel will be officially inaugurated and put into operation on 15.06.2012. The upper floors of the hotel, from the rooms, guests can both watch the Ben Tre River, can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Ben Tre. In the hotel there are 02 restaurants, serving dishes, Southern style and Europe and Asia. Luxurious conference rooms accommodating up to 700 guests. In addition, there are other services such as: VIP Coffee with unique music night takes place every week, bar outdoors (sunny bar) with the typical cocktail Vietnam Australia brand, karaoke new to bring Arabian style, relaxing wellness spa services, massage, bath therapy, … Hung Vuong Hotel: 148 – 166, Hung Vuong Street, Ward 3, the city of Ben Tre; Phone: (075) 3822408.

Hotel is born relatively early in Ben Tre city, by far one of the familiar address for many tourists Ben Tre stay. With over 38 rooms, a full range of essential equipment, staff dedicated service, friendly. Situated in a convenient location next to the Provincial Museum. At each place the Museum houses important historical events related to the two wars against colonialism, imperialism Ben Tre People’s Army. The museum is located in a convenient location in every way, the campus and the surrounding landscape is very beautiful, is the meeting place of the people, students, students, tourists within and outside the province who want to learn about the origin coconut. In front of the hotel is a marina so visitors can choose to ecotourism destinations river – coastal garden city of Ben Tre. Ham Luong Hotel: 200C, Hung Vuong, Ward 5 and the city of Ben Tre; Phone: (0753) 3 560 560.

This is the first hotel of Ben Tre standard 3 star, in addition to room service Ham Luong also provide a full range of services for guests to stay, such as: massage, karaoke, pool, etc. Especially, in the morning guests can enjoy a breakfast buffet with many dishes. Professional service team. Ham Luong Hotel has 66 rooms, with all kinds of rooms: standard rooms (standand), superior (superior), deluxe (luxury) and demand (suites) …, so visitors will easily the selection in accordance with their needs. 5th floor of the hotel also has a café terrace, air cool, wifi access, more special guests can just enjoy drinks while they can view all the Ben Tre River. Great hotel An: No. D7, Hung Vuong, Ward 7, Ben Tre city; Phone: (075) 3512050.

Đại An is a one-star hotel, the rooms are tastefully designed system, reasonable price, suitable for all audiences, besides visitors can relax and watch Ben River Bamboo in a café in front of the hotel. Hotels Oasic: Address 151C, An C, America Thanh An, city Ben Tre; Phone: (075) 2467799.

Hotels Oasic located on the south bank of the river, Ben Tre, the 1-star and the center of the hotel management will always come up with criteria for “oasis of peace and relax”, where space is very cool , just wears stumbled into urban and rural areas. All rooms are equipped with full facilities, safe hot water systems use solar energy, swimming pool …. The hotel also organize meals on request. The room types include: single rooms, double rooms, family rooms. To recognize that, the advantage of the riverside hotels Ben Tre get key factors facing the river, should be great. To Ben Tre if you choose to stay at the riverside hotel, will conveniently and admire “the Victory Monument on the river” park built at Hung Vuong, to commemorate the glorious victory, miracle team heroes special hydro Ben Tre in the past, heroic sacrifices contribute to liberate the town of Ben Tre (now the city of Ben Tre), the liberation of the country, but that is typical hero Hoang Lam. It is also known as Hoang Lam Park or monument “Take Ham Luong waves to sink a U.S. carrier.” Or walking, sightseeing path Hung Vuong long until the old Ham Luong Ferry. Walking scene in the morning, afternoon or night on Hung Vuong park, to breathe fresh air, comfortable, warm, and then everyone will feel completely idyllic beauty, quiet, should poetry, fun on the river of the coconut. In this position, the night guests can choose sightseeing in Ben Tre Ben Tre 1 and bridge 2, are two beautiful bridges located on Hung Vuong Street. From top to look into the two banks of the river or watch a corner of the coconut city, combined with the urban landscape of the city of Ben Tre; street lights from the houses on the sides of the river and far away twinkling lights of ships, boats anchor, up and down the river, all the same mix radiating light colors on the river and you’ll feel the poetic beauty, gentle, quiet, young Ben Tre city average. Most interesting is the occasional breeze gently to time, as the river moved to make waves wheel increases, undulating, snapping double pat on the shore. You also take such as coastal waving love Welcom. The lovely and her beloved images blend together to make beautiful pictures that stirred his heart, then people remember to water the coconut visitors will come back again with dear friends.

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Dong Khoi Hotel
Morning Star Hotel garden
United Coconut Hotel In addition to the system of Ben Tre riverside hotel, there are many other hotels and motels typically also ideal in the center and the environs of the city of Ben Tre, so visitors can choose to stay overnight as: – Ben Tre guesthouse located in located in a very favorable position on the August Revolution, one of the busiest roads of the city of Ben Tre, or Dong Khoi Hotel (located on the banks of Truc Giang). – Ben Tre hotel is located opposite the Monument Dong Khoi. – Morning Star hotel garden (1-star) at 106C, Binh Thanh, Binh Phu, Ben Tre city. – United Coconut Hotel 323/1, Hamlet first, Shandong, Ben Tre city, behind the bus center Ben Tre …. These accommodation facilities have a variety of rooms and full amenities, service, food, drinks, souvenirs, specialty of the coconut …. and also very convenient for travelers to catch the bus to the tourist spots in the district of Ben Tre province. And many accommodation facilities are also located in the city center and the suburbs Ben Tre beautiful, convenient, safe for tourists.

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